Advaya Softech Pvt Ltd

A group of software geeks working with manufacturing Gurus to deliver solutions for small & medium industries We are passionate about creating brilliant yet affordable solutions for the SME market.

We are Advaya

We specialize in providing complete solutions for automating business processes in Medium and Small Scale Enterprises (SME). Our software development processes employ state of the art web, mobile and other technologies.

We also host products on a cloud platform and offer subscription based services to SME customers. Our support services include training and consultation related to the use of its products and processes.

Our services, available in India and abroad, include all business processes relating to development, import and export both in the capacity of agents or otherwise. We serve in the fields of Information Technology, Nano Technology, Embedded Technology and other evolving cutting edge technologies.

What we do

We provide operational support systems and businesses for the manufacture import, export, sales, development, maintenance, installation, service support, maintenance, assembly and packaging services for all types of computer hardware.

We also provide expert consultation services and training services in a variety of fields including business strategy, content development, technology strategy, system analysis, design systems, development, implementation and maintenance of internet solutions, ERP solutions, network solutions, wireless solutions, broadband solutions and other cutting edge technologies/platforms

Our Products

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Product Features


Track your operations to ensure that they are completed in time.
Monitor compliance to process and quality standards relevant to each specific job.
Analyze and alert you on schedule slippages and quality issues immediately.
Report any deviations to the
persons in charge.


Align key business process in Plant
Consistency and Accuracy
Avoid Human Treachery
Optimize Inventory
Cost Reduction
Our Clients

Our main ambition is your commercial success and
satisfaction as our client.

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